Advantages & Health Risks of a fad Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Before I get into the advantages and health risks that a celebrity diet plan to lose weight has, I want to talk a bit about the celebs themselves. The vast majority of us worship celebrities one way or another, some for their success, others for their wealth and perfect life. Hearing names like Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Trista Sutter, Taylor Lautner, Jessica Biel, Daniel Craig are an immediate wake up, we immediately react to them, and what is the first thing that many think when they hear of these celebrities? Easy question, easier answer – their stunning appearance.

While the rest of us mortals sweat blood and tears trying to achieve what our assumed idols have, something just does not make sense – a puzzle piece that does not fit the puzzle.

Many of these celebs are past their 30’s – “normal” people start finding it exceedingly difficult to maintain themselves after they get to middle-age. It gets even harder after having children, which some of the celebrities do have – some even have several! There has got to be something these people do right thousands of people do wrong. What is it?

Whilst all of them follow their own special diet plan to lose weight, they are essentially all the same – the goal is achieving the optimum form and making sure it stays that way. But do they really work like that? Read on!

The Advantages of A Celebrity Diet Plan To Lose Weight

They leave no room for guessing – you always know what to do next.

They are efficient and work like magic – ever seen a celeb drop his/her weight before a gala?

Even if there isn’t always time for exercise, the diet will keep your body in top shape. (On the OUTSIDE)

No matter what your current weight is, the diet WILL force it down.

Well, I counted 4 points. Seems all legitimate and attractive, right? I welcome you to see the dark side of things.

The Health Risks of A Celebrity Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Usually are totally new & unresearched and non-scientific methods that may have unknown side-effects.

Restricting essential calories from your body WILL result in nutritional deficiencies.

Letting your body’s potassium and sodium levels too low, your heart is along the first affected and if it continues for long, you will meet a very nasty character – Mr. Heart Attack.

Be assured, you will learn about iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

Your organs depend on energy from carbohydrates to function – This kind of diet plan to lose weight denies the needed calories.

A lack of carbohydrates has the potential to present you with kidney and liver failure.

Fad diets may also trigger eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I take it you know what anorexia is… skin and bones. Not too appealing.

Now I counted 7 points and there were some really nasty things included…

A Diet Plan With Food Restrictions – Good or Bad?

In order to function like it’s supposed to, providing your body with a wide variety of foods, both vitamin and mineral-rich is vital. The fad diets completely reverse this process.

To achieve the goal of big weight loss, you’re restricted to a extremely limited selection of foods – prepare to throw 90% of your fridge content away.

It’s not unusual being allowed to only eat one type of food and omit entire food groups. This makes you neglect your body by not giving it the nutrients it needs. Stray from the “meal plan” and you will have to start again. You will soon find out that this type of diet plan to lose weight is not as glorious at it first seems.

What Does This Amazing Kind of Diet Plan to Lose Weight Cost?

These diets are not ones that stay – they come and go, effectively taking your money with them. A ride-by robbery – great for your weight-loss efforts! They also get more expensive and stranger every time and require some sort of ‘support’ to aid you to achieve your goals. Vitamin bars, shakes, ‘magic pills’ and strange ‘magic powders’ that you “must have and totally need”, you name it. To top it all, guess what – using your smarts and not buying these ‘support’ products may be penalized by making your diet efforts go down the drain. Quite a diet plan to lose weight, right?

Atkins and South Beach are just two of the very numerous fad diets that offer a wide array of products to support your diet plan to lose weight. However, don’t get me wrong – there surely are people that swear to their name and have had good results in losing weight fast, but then again, we’re all different. Therefore, the results are not consistent and definitely not guaranteed. In my opinion, it’s a risky type of diet plan to lose weight.

Last But Not Least – Weight Gain

When going on a fad diet, don’t get your hopes up – there are no long-term results, as the weight is rapidly gained back when you start eating normally again. The rapid weight loss you are rewarded with is really an illusion. It’s only weight from water and muscle tissue – not fat like you may have thought. Surprise! This type of diet plan to lose weight is actually NOT a diet. It’s a punishment with an illusionary reward.

Because of this very reason, stopping the diet plan allows your body to replenish its water lost content, essentially making you gain back the weight. This is one way to fall victim to yo-yo dieting cycles.

Recommended? No. Effective? For temporal purposes, very.